Can I donate from your homepage?

It’s easy to find a group to donate to from the ActBlue homepage ( Just search for a candidate or organization in the search box at the top.

If you select a group from the dropdown, you’ll be brought straight to one of their contribution forms where you can give right away.

If you click the magnifying glass instead of picking a group from the dropdown, you’ll be brought to our directory, where you’ll see the groups that match your search. Just click the green “Contribute” button for the group you want to support, and you’ll be brought to a contribution form where you can donate!

If you want to give to a campaign, make sure you verify the race to the left of the campaign’s name before going to the contribution form (thousands of campaigns use our platform).

ActBlue Express users can easily find campaigns and organizations to give to through the search function in ActBlue Express accounts. After logging into your account at, the search bar will be located at the top left of your screen: 

You can also reach the search page by clicking the “Find a campaign or cause” link in your Account menu:

You can search for a specific candidate or organization by name or use our filters to search by state or territory, the office a candidate is running for, committee type, fund type (like nominee funds and draft funds), or nonprofit issue area. Once you find the group you would like to give to, you can donate right from the search results!

This also works on mobile devices!

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Contributions or gifts to ActBlue are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.