Can I get a refund for a donation I made through ActBlue?

ActBlue does everything we can to accommodate requests for refunds. We do our best to honor refunds requested for reasons such as input error (like when a donor accidentally gives twice, or when someone enters the wrong donation amount). If you would like to request a refund, you can contact us here! ActBlue is unable to issue refunds for other reasons, including a change in political or personal opinion or the cancellation of an event.

All refunds issued by ActBlue will be credited back to the card used to make the contribution. In all cases where we are not able to accommodate a refund request, we will be happy to refer you to the recipient of your contribution so that you may request a refund directly from them.

All refund requests are subject to the availability of the funds. Because we forward donations to the candidate, cause, or committee you gave to, we can only refund a contribution if we still have the funds or can recover the funds from the recipient. 

We may not be able to guarantee the possibility of a refund for contributions that are older than three months (90 days). Additionally, PayPal™ does not allow us to issue refunds for any contributions made via PayPal that are older than 90 days. 

When a refund is issued for a donation that was made via Venmo™, the money will be transferred back into your Venmo balance, not your bank account. Just like when you make a donation, you’ll receive a confirmation email from both ActBlue and Venmo verifying that a refund has been made. Venmo does not allow us to issue refunds for any contributions that are older than 90 days. 

For all of these reasons, it is important to make your request for a refund as soon after contributing as possible!

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