How do I use Google Pay to donate?

To use Google Pay™ as a payment option when you give on ActBlue, you must first have Google Pay set up on your Android device. For more information about how to set up Google Pay on your Android device, check out Google Pay’s help site

Once you have Google Pay set up on your Android device with a saved, valid payment method, whenever you go to a contribution form for a political campaign or group on that device, you should see Google Pay as a payment option! 

If you don’t see Google Pay as an option after setting up Google Pay on your Android device, try resetting the form. 

After you click “GPay,” follow the instructions in the pop-up, and click “Continue,” you’ll be brought back to ActBlue to complete your contribution. Then your donation will be processed! 

Please note: At this point in time, Google Pay is only available on ActBlue contribution forms for political campaigns and groups that are accessed on an Android device. If a contribution form includes a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4), Google Pay will not be a payment option, but we look forward to offering it for nonprofit contribution forms and more devices in the future! 

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.

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