I am a caregiver or have been granted power of attorney for someone else. How do I seek a refund or support on behalf of that person?

We know that acting as a caregiver or having power of attorney for another person, especially a loved one, can be a stressful and difficult role. We will do our best to assist you as efficiently and effectively as possible. Please fill out the contact form and note in the subject line that you are a caregiver or have power of attorney so that we can automatically direct your inquiry to our elevated care team. The elevated care team is able to work with a power of attorney or other caregivers to handle refunds, cancel recurring contributions, close accounts, or discuss any other issues. 

Please note our general refund policy below. With issues needing more elevated care, we will do our best to meet all of your needs. 

All refunds issued by ActBlue will be credited back to the card used to make the contribution. All refund requests are subject to the availability of the funds. Because we forward donations to the candidate, cause, or committee you gave to, we can only refund a contribution if we still have the funds or can recover the funds from the recipient. In cases where we are not able to accommodate a refund request, you may request a refund directly from the recipient of your contribution. If you need help getting in touch with the recipient of the contribution, please reach out for assistance.

We may not be able to guarantee the possibility of a refund for contributions that are older than three months (90 days). Additionally, PayPal™ does not allow us to issue refunds for any contributions made via PayPal that are older than 90 days. 

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