I donated to a charity through a secure.actblue.com link. Where does that money go and why do people raise money for charities through your tools?

AB Charities is the 501(c)3 arm of the ActBlue family of organizations. Through AB Charities, anyone can donate online straight to charities they care about!

One of the biggest benefits of AB Charities is that we make it really easy for you to split a contribution between multiple groups. That means you can do things like divide a contribution up between several local groups working on disaster relief or a humanitarian crisis. Splitting a single contribution both eliminates choice paralysis and helps get donations to smaller organizations, which are often doing vital work long after a disaster but can be overlooked by the press in favor of national organizations or can suffer from websites crashing during periods of heavy traffic.

Contributions made through AB Charities have a 3.95% credit card processing fee (which is lower than many other charitable donation platforms). There are no other charges or hidden contracts to use AB Charities. AB Charities does not profit off of the processing fee, and none of the processing fee goes to ActBlue.

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