I’m an international donor trying to give to a nonprofit, but I’m having trouble entering my address.

International donors can give to nonprofits, including both 501c(3)s and 501c(4)s, through ActBlue Charities and ActBlue Civics, which are both part of the ActBlue family of organizations!

When you give to a 501(c)3 or 501(c)4, you will first be asked to pick a donation amount, and then enter your payment information. After you click “Donate” on the Payment page, you will be brought to the Details page of the contribution form. If you’re having trouble entering your non-U.S. address at this stage, you can close the contribution window. Your donation will still go through without entering your address! Donations to nonprofits, including both 501c(3)s and 501c(4)s, do not require addresses.

Screenshot of address field during donation experience.