I’m receiving emails that address me by the wrong name. How do I change this?

When you donate to a group through ActBlue, we are required by law to collect your personal information so that the campaigns and organizations you give to can properly report your contributions to the appropriate regulatory body. When you give on ActBlue, you should use a name that accurately identifies you. So if your name has changed recently, you can donate using the name you now go by. You should not use social media account names, like your Twitter handle, when donating through ActBlue. 

Changing the name ActBlue emails use to address you

You can easily update and change your name, along with other contact and payment information, in your ActBlue Express Profile. After logging into your account, click the Account menu from your navigation bar at the top. Then click on “ActBlue Express profile.” 

Click on "Contact Info" to update your name. Enter the name you are now using, and make sure to click the “Save” button at the top!

Please note: After you make a recurring contribution, we send you a receipt via email every month when your donation recurs. These email receipts use the name you entered when you gave your recurring donation. To change the name these email receipts use to address you in the future, you will have to cancel this recurring contribution and make a new one with the name you are now using. You can find how to easily update and cancel your recurring contribution here.

Changing the name a campaign or organization email uses to address you

We do not send any emails or texts on behalf of any other campaign and organization, so if a group addresses you by the wrong name, you can reach out to that specific group to update your information. These emails often include a link for updating personal information like your name at the bottom. Here’s what the link might look like:

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Contributions or gifts to ActBlue are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.