What happens if I donate over the FEC limit?

You can’t give over the legal limit in a single transaction on ActBlue! Please note we do not automatically cut donations off after someone reaches a contribution limit with multiple contributions – it’s up to donors and campaigns to keep track of their limits. If you have an ActBlue Express account, you can use your contribution history to help you keep track of your giving.

Your contribution history will only reflect contributions you made while signed in to your ActBlue Express account. In addition to online donations, contributions made offline, tickets to events, and campaign merchandise purchases all count toward your contribution limit. If you have made these types of contributions and think you may be close to the limit, we recommend contacting the campaign or organization directly.

To view your ActBlue contribution history, sign in at https://secure.actblue.com/signin

When you log in to your ActBlue Express account, you can view the History page, which lists all of the past contributions you’ve made while logged into your account, as well as your active recurring contributions.

History page

Your contribution history will automatically be sorted chronologically, newest to oldest. If you are looking for your larger contributions and would like to change the way your contribution history is sorted, click “Newest to oldest” and select a different option from the dropdown. 

arrow pointing to "Filter" option on right side of the screen

You can also view all of the contributions you have made during an election cycle in a downloadable CSV. Make sure the correct two-year period is selected in the dropdown at the top of the History page, and then click “Download a CSV” at the bottom of the History page. 

arrow pointing to date picker on left side of screen, with "Last Year (2020)" selected

If you have an ActBlue Express account but don’t see some donations, you may not have been logged into your account when donating. Additionally, donors who haven’t saved their personal information in their ActBlue Express account won’t be able to view their contribution history. Learn more about this here.

If you don’t have an ActBlue Express account, you will not be able to view your contribution history. You can always sign up for an ActBlue Express account by going to https://secure.actblue.com/signup

The federal contribution limits for 2021-22 are as follows (you can also find these limits on the FEC’s website):

  • U.S. Presidential Candidates — $2,900 per election to each candidate. (Primary and general elections are counted as separate elections, even if the primary is uncontested.)
  • U.S. House and Senate candidates — $2,900 per election to each candidate. (Primary and general elections are counted as separate elections, even if the primary is uncontested.)
  • Federal PACs (e.g. ActBlue) — $5,000 per year to each PAC.
  • National Party Committees (e.g. the DNC, DSCC, DCCC) — $36,500 per year to each national party committee.
  • State and Local Party Committees — Combined $10,000 limit for party committees in each state. These limits are placed on contributions to the state or local party’s federal account.

For state and local campaigns, the contribution limits vary by state or municipality. We’ve built ActBlue so that each contribution form is preset to accommodate each jurisdiction’s contribution limits.

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