What name should I use when I make a contribution?

When you donate to a group through ActBlue, we are required by law to collect your personal information so that the campaigns and organizations you give to can properly report your contributions to the appropriate regulatory body. Most contributions require your name, address, occupation, and employer, but the laws in some states require your employer’s address as well. When you give on ActBlue, you should use a name that accurately identifies you. So if your name has changed recently, you can donate using the name you now go by. You should not use social media account names, like your Twitter handle, when donating through ActBlue. 

If your name changes, we recommend you update the name in your ActBlue Express Donor Profile so emails you receive from ActBlue, including donation receipts from ActBlue, will address you accurately! If another group is still addressing you by the wrong name, the fastest way to correct this is to contact them directly. Emails also often include a link for updating personal information like your name at the bottom. Here’s what the link might look like:

ActBlue does not send emails or texts on behalf of any other group, but because we are a nonprofit, you may receive a fundraising email from us every now and then. If you would like to unsubscribe from our email list, click here

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