Why don’t I see my donation history when I log into my account?

Donors who haven’t saved their personal information in their ActBlue Express account won’t be able to view their contribution history. To save this information so you can review your donation history, click the blue “Create an ActBlue Express Profile” on your contribution history page:

If you haven’t already, we definitely encourage you to save your personal and payment information to your ActBlue Express account to make giving, changing, and finding donations easier and faster!

After logging into your account, the first page you will see is your contribution history. Learn more about updating your credit card or account information here.

If you have an ActBlue Express account but aren’t seeing certain donations, you may not have been logged into this ActBlue Express account when you gave. You can look up missing donation(s) using our Contribution Lookup tool. After finding yours, you should be able to identify which account and email address you used to donate.

If you are not seeing your donations in your contribution history, feel free to contact us, and we will do what we can to help!

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