A campaign/organization sent me a link to make my own fundraising page. What do I do?

Community forms are a powerful way for passionate supporters like you to organize your personal networks and raise money for candidates and causes you love. To make your fundraising as easy as possible, campaigns and organizations on ActBlue can create preset community forms for supporters to use for fundraising. How it works is these groups send their supporters a link which lets you make a community form with branding and content that already matches your favorite candidate or cause. You can start fundraising for groups you support in just a few clicks, and there’s no serious creative work necessary on your end since your favorite groups already designed the form’s template for you! Here’s how to begin fundraising using a community form that a campaign and organization has designed for a grassroots supporter like you.

1. Log in

Before you do anything, log in to ActBlue here. If you don’t have an account, you can easily create one here!

2. Follow your candidate or organization’s link

Click on the link that your favorite campaign or organization shared with you. You’ll be brought to a landing page with settings that match the campaign or organization. Here’s what a landing page with a preset branding (design), title, and ask looks like:

3. Finish the website address

You’ll need to finish your form’s “Website Address” so it has a unique URL. No need to get fancy — all you need is a short, simple, memorable word or phrase (no spaces) to finish the web address.

4. Check the title and ask 

Lastly, you’ll see a place for the form’s title and ask. Your favorite campaign or organization might have already filled this out to make things easy for you! If they did not, be sure to customize this text with why you are excited to fundraise for the candidate or cause. Then click “Get Started” to be brought to your live community form where you can begin organizing and fundraising.Optional fun: Add a little flair to your form

5. Optional fun: Add a little flair to your form

Your community form already has a preset branding, but you can still explore the form editor and personalize your community form! If you make any edits to your form, be sure to click the green “Publish” button at the top of the form editor to save them before sharing the form with anyone.

6. Fundraise!

Exit the form editor and admire (and double-check) your work one last time. Now you’re ready to share your form’s URL and ask friends and family to pitch in.

7. Access your community form’s data

You can see how your hard organizing work has paid off by clicking the “Stats” button on the form navigation bar (form navbar) up top.

You’ll be brought to your form’s Statistics page, where you can see the number of contributions (“Count”), number of visits to the form (“Visits”), conversion rate, percent of contributions made on mobile devices, total amount donated with the average contribution size in parentheses, how many of the contributions made were recurring, and how much money was brought in by recurring contributions.

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