How can I fundraise for my favorite candidate or organization?

Grassroots supporters who want to fundraise on behalf of their favorite campaigns and organizations on ActBlue have two options: community forms or supporter forms! 

Anyone can create a community form, which is a fundraising page you make and then share with friends and family to raise money on behalf of groups you love. Community forms are a great way for you to begin taking action for candidates and causes you support! Learn how to get started with community forms here!

The second option is supporter forms: Campaigns and organizations can make supporter forms set up with their branding and/or custom content, and then send a link to advocates like you to create your own version! Supporter forms make it even easier for you to begin fundraising for candidates and causes you believe in, because they are already personalized and give you a great base to begin customizing and using. You can learn how supporter forms work here!

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