Email Blurbs

When a donor’s credit card has expired or we’ve processed their recurring contribution, we send out standard customer service email responses, which we allow you to customize.

We encourage you to write a few lines of text specific to your campaign or organization to add on to these standard responses. These blurbs add a personal touch and let your donors know how much you value their engagement with your movement.

To add in custom text of your own, scroll down to the “Blurbs, Disclaimers, and Tracking Codes” section of the page, where you’ll see three prompts for custom email text.

If you don’t choose to write up blurbs for these sections, don’t worry! They’ll still receive a standardized message that provides the important customer service information.

The “Decline email blurb” box allows you to add custom text to the email your donors receive if their contribution is declined. You can encourage your donors to reach out to their bank in the event that their card is declined or provide a way for them to follow up with you. Here’s an example of an email response if a contribution is declined:


The “Expired email blurb” is the email text you want your donors to receive if their credit card has expired. You can thank them for trying to make a contribution and ask them to update their credit card information. An email for an expired credit card would read something like this:

The “Recurring email blurb” is the text you’d like donors to see along with their recurring contribution receipt every month. This is a chance for you to let your donors know how much their continued support means to you. An email response here would read something like this:

You can also include a custom message or pitch to donors on individual contribution forms. Just visit the Edit tab of any contribution form and scroll down to Advanced Options.

There you’ll see prompts for an ActBlue Express blurb and a Thanks page blurb.

After users without ActBlue Express accounts donate on your contribution form, they'll have an opportunity to sign up for an ActBlue Express account. This blurb is your chance to pitch ActBlue Express to them and get them to convert. Leave them a note letting them know how convenient contributing will be if they save their information and how much you value them taking the time to do so.

After your supporters contribute, they'll see a "Thanks" page, which lets them know their contribution was successful. Just fill in your message in the "Thanks page blurb" box. Let them know how much you appreciate their support.

Here, you can also include a Thanks page redirect URL.

This gives you the opportunity to send your donors to an action page on your website, like a petition. Or, you can redirect them to a volunteer form and ask them to take the next step in supporting your cause.

After contributing, your ActBlue Express Users will see a popup that says, “Your contribution succeeded, thanks!” for 5 seconds before being directed to the page you’ve chosen. They’ll still receive their email receipt automatically upon contributing.