Pop-up Recurring

Our pop-up recurring feature allows you to ask donors to make their one-time donation a recurring one after they’ve hit “Contribute." Their one-time contribution will already have been recorded, so you won't lose out on any donations.

It’s an easy and fast way to begin building a recurring contribution program, so the pop-up recurring threshold is set at $100 as the default for all contribution forms. If you’d like to make the amount higher or lower, or turn off this feature, feel free to change the Pop-Up Recurring Threshold.

You can read more about recurring programs here.

To set up this feature, navigate to the Edit tab of your contribution form and scroll down to the “Show Recurring Contribution Options” tab. This will expand and allow you to see the options for the pop-up recurring feature.

First you'll want to enter an amount into the "Pop-up Recurring Ask Threshold" box. Donors giving less than this amount will receive an ask to make their contribution recurring.

You probably don't want to ask a $1,000 donor to make their donation a recurring donation. But you might want to ask a $5 or $25 donor to convert to a monthly recurring gift. If you want to turn if off for everyone, leave it blank or enter a “0.”

The "Pop-up Recurring Ask Blurb" is the text you want to appear on the pop-up. Try to remind your donors why a continued investment in your campaign or organization is important to your long term goals. You’ll want to keep this blurb as short as possible, to make sure it’s not overwhelming for your mobile donors.

After donors give, they’ll see the pop-up box on their screen. They always have the option to skip the monthly donation. Here’s what it will look like:

When the donor presses the Contribute Now button on the form, we’ll initiate a charge for the one-time donation. If they choose to "make it monthly" on the pop-up then we convert their donation to monthly recurring. If they hit skip or do nothing (close the page, etc.) the donor will only see the one charge they initiated on their credit card statement.

You can also customize your pop-up recurring box, which we highly recommend. By inserting an image or some customized HTML, you can prompt your donors by showing them something that will make them excited to become a recurring donor.

Here's an example:

Customizing a pop-up box has tested well for a number of organizations, and we encourage you to try out testing some customizations on your own Forms.

If a donor initiates a recurring contribution from your pop-up ask, you’ll see a column indicating that in your CSV reports. This should allow you to keep track of how successful your blurbs are, and can help your team plan for further testing.

Over the course of a fundraising program, utilizing the pop-up recurring feature can build a large base of recurring donations.