Selling Merchandise

Selling merchandise can be a great tool for engaging supporters -- they get to represent causes they care about, and you get to promote your work. That’s why ActBlue gives you the tools to easily sell merchandise to your supporters.

Selling merchandise does come with some challenges. It’s important to have a plan for fulfillment already in place, so you can get merchandise out to your supporters in a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise, you’ll end up upsetting the people who are most invested in your cause. Please also note you are solely responsible for producing and shipping any gifts offered through your ActBlue merchandise page.

Once you’re ready to start selling merchandise, navigate to your Dashboard. At the top of the Metrics page, click “sell merchandise.”


In the first tab, you’ll need to give your merchandise page a title, as well as provide a customer service email and phone number so donors can get in touch with any merchandise fulfillment issues.

You also need to enter a shipping time frame. This will be shared with donors, so be realistic with how quickly you can get merchandise out the door. You don’t want your donors to get frustrated with longer-than-expected wait times.

In the second tab, you can add your gifts. It’s important to note that pieces of merchandise are considered gifts in exchange for a contribution to your campaign or organization, so you’ll need to report these contributions as you usually would.

You’re required to add a description of each item, a price, and an image so that donors know what they’re buying. If you have a limited supply, enter the number you have available. After that many are sold, the option will disappear from the form.


In the third tab, you can add the usual customizations to your form, like choosing your organization’s favorite branding.


To edit or add variation to the items on your merchandise page, navigate to the “Form Management” tab. Choose the form, and click “Offerings” in the sidebar.


Here, you can add specifications, like sizes or color options, for items you’re offering on your merchandise page. Put a customization like “Size” or “Color” in the “Option Name” box. Then add the choices (e.g.: S, M, L; blue, green, red).


Once you’ve saved all that information, your merchandise page will be all set. Here’s an example of a basic form with no branding might look like:


As you can see, donors will also have the option of making a supplemental donation in addition to the cost of the merchandise when they visit your merchandise page.

We helpfully provide a CSV of all the orders your page has received, which will make the fulfillment process much easier on your end. You can download the CSV by navigating to the form, clicking the Statistics tab, and toggling open the “Additional Tools” menu.