Social Share

After donors finish a contribution, we give them an option to share their contribution on social media. This is a great way for them to share their passion with their social networks and engage and organize on your behalf.

With ActBlue’s tools, you can customize what Facebook and Twitter posts look like when your donors share that they’ve made a contribution.

To set up your social share settings for a particular contribution form, navigate to the Edit tab  and toggle open the “Social Share” section to fill in all of the information you’d like to include.  

You can add a title, description, and image for Facebook posts, as well as custom text for tweets. Please note that in order to add a custom image for Facebook, you’ll need to host the image online and provide a URL.


Here’s an example of what social share can look like on Facebook:


Please note that you may need to wait a few minutes for Facebook to cache your image. To see if your image is ready, visit Facebook’s Sharing Debugger.

Here’s how social share looks on Twitter:


By default, links shared via social share will direct to your ActBlue contribution form. However, you can choose a different link to be included for sharing on Facebook. For example, you could direct folks to your campaign website or volunteer sign-up page.

If you do choose a destination other than an ActBlue contribution form for your Facebook shares, your custom text and image settings will no longer apply. Instead, Facebook will automatically fetch images and text from the link your donors share:


Social share is a really powerful way to expand your reach, get the word out about your work, and raise more money. We highly encourage you to take a minute to customize it!