Two-Factor Authentication

Security is always at the top of our priority list at ActBlue, and we want the campaigns and organizations using our tools to have the safest, most secure experience possible.

That’s why we recommend turning on two-factor authentication for your campaign or organization.

What’s two-factor authentication? Two-factor authentication acts as an extra layer of protection for your staff’s ActBlue logins, which requires you to receive a code on a personal device in order to complete logging in.

If you log in from a new computer or change your password, you’ll need to confirm your login information by entering a randomly generated code sent to you via an app or a text message sent to your phone -- a best practice for securing login information.

If you’re interested in setting this up for your campaign or organization, you should reach out to our team at and we’ll turn on the feature for you.

Once you’ve done that, follow the steps below to set it up for your personal ActBlue account:

After our team has turned on the feature, you’ll see a prompt like the one below after you’ve logged in to your account.

If you’d like to set up two-factor authentication you just need to follow the link.

On the following page, you’ll be prompted to enter your cell phone number:

And it’s that simple. From that point forward, if you log in from an unrecognized device or change your password, you’ll be prompted to request a text message, or to open up your authenticator app (we recommend using Authy) from your phone or computer to get a code, which should be entered in order to complete logging in.

You can download the Authy app to your computer and/or phone, and it will generate a valid code for you just like requesting a text message would. This is especially helpful if you are away from your cell phone, but have your computer. You can read more about how Authy works and download the app here.

Two-factor authentication is an optional feature, but we highly recommend it. Drop us a line at and we can help you turn on and implement the feature at any time.