About ActBlue, AB Charities, and ActBlue Civics

You can read about ActBlue’s work here! If you want to know more about how we’re set up, you can read on below. 

Who are you?

ActBlue is a nonprofit organization that builds tech and infrastructure for Democratic campaigns, progressive-aligned causes, and people trying to make an impact in order to fuel long-term change. We envision a democracy where everyone looking to make progressive people-powered change can easily and effectively deploy their resources, energy, and creativity to shape our country and futures. Our growing team is made up of political activists, software engineers, customer service pros, storytellers, and more committed to ActBlue’s mission.

What is ActBlue?

ActBlue is a nonprofit political action committee registered with the Federal Elections Commission and state electoral authorities where applicable. We help Democrats and other progressive political groups build small-dollar fundraising programs with our cutting-edge online fundraising tools. We are also registered with the IRS as a 527 political organization for many of our non-federal activities. 

What is ActBlue Civics?

ActBlue Civics is the arm of the ActBlue family that helps left/liberal 501(c)(4)s build grassroots movements with our online fundraising tools. ActBlue Civics is an issue advocacy group that is filed with the IRS as a 501(c)(4) organization.

What is AB Charities?

AB Charities, the newest arm of the ActBlue family, helps 501(c)(3) charities build small-dollar fundraising programs with our online fundraising tools. With AB Charities, nonprofits now have a stronger option for building a digital grassroots fundraising program that can sustain their work for the long term. You can find out more about AB Charities, a registered 501(c)(3), here!

What is ActBlue Technical Services?

ActBlue Technical Services is a nonprofit that provides the ActBlue family of organizations with the engineering expertise that maintains our platform’s infrastructure. They’re always working to innovate, so our software can do more for campaigns and organizations and make it easier for donors to give.

I just received a check from ActBlue. What does this mean?

Small-dollar donors found your campaign or organization on our platform and have decided to contribute to support your work. Those aren’t funds coming directly from ActBlue, they’re coming from donors who want to support you — we just processed those dollars and cut you a check. If you already have an account as an admin user on ActBlue’s website and want to see who it was that contributed, just follow this link to learn how.

If you don’t have an ActBlue account, or you have any further questions about the check you’ve received, feel free to get in touch, or call our office at 617-517-7600.


Are you hiring?

We’re always looking for engineers! We also offer paid internships for the spring, summer, and fall semesters. Check out our jobs page for information and other openings.

How is ActBlue funded?

We’re a nonprofit organization, so we rely on tips on the contributions we process as well as our own fundraising campaigns to bring in income. The low fees charged on contributions only go towards processing contributions. In other words, we are powered entirely by our amazing donors.

ActBlue Graphics

Below you’ll find a bunch of ActBlue badges in popular sizes that you can download and add to your website. Just right-click on the badge you want and save it.

If you’re a designer and want to incorporate high-resolution versions of the ActBlue logo and design elements into your designs, get in touch.

Actblue Badge 150pxActblue Badge Plain 150px
Actblue Badge 150pxActblue Badge 150px

If you’re using AB Charities to raise money for a 501(c)3, you can download this badge to use on your website:

AB Charities Badge 150px

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