ActBlue Account Use Policy

The Account Use Policy (AUP) gives ActBlue users guidelines on who is eligible to use ActBlue’s platform, making it easier for groups to know if they can use our tools. You can read the policy below.

Account Use Policy 

The information in the list below is an account use policy for entities* that use the ActBlue, ActBlue Civics, and AB Charities tools and platform. Donors make their own decisions about which candidates and causes they want to support. ActBlue does not endorse or support any candidates or organizations. Rather, we aim to provide a platform for Democratic candidates, progressive organizations, and nonprofits to build small-dollar fundraising programs.

ActBlue reserves the right to alter this policy or make decisions about an entity’s access to the platform on a discretionary basis. ActBlue does not endorse candidates or issues. 

Criteria for using ActBlue: 

1. Candidates

A candidate must meet one of the following criteria to be permissible: 

  • A candidate registered as a Democrat
  • A candidate running or filed as a Democrat
  • A Democratic write-in candidate provided there is not another registered and properly filed Democrat on the ballot
  • An independent or third party candidate running in a race without a Democratic candidate and with an official Democratic Party endorsement
  • An independent or third party incumbent that has a proven record of caucusing with Democrats
  • Candidate in a nonpartisan race affiliated with Democrats or endorsed by the Democratic Party 

A candidate meeting any of the following criteria is impermissible:

  • A registered Republican and/or candidate running or filed as a Republican
  • A candidate for a partisan office is an independent or undeclared, or a write-in and there is a Democrat(s) running, unless:
    • The candidate is running in a multi-seat primary, or
    • The candidate is an incumbent and has a proven history of caucusing with Democrats 
  • Candidate in a nonpartisan race affiliated with the Republican Party
  • Any candidate running for foreign, non-U.S., or non-U.S. territory office

2. Committees, Political Action Committees (PACS), and 501(C)(4) Organizations

Our goal in working with committees, PACS, or other organizations is to help provide tools to groups that are mainly working with Democrats or working to advance any Democratic policy or other progressive outcomes.  

A political action committee, party committee, 501(c)(4), or other organization that meets any of the following criteria is impermissible. There may be additional criteria that render entities impermissible:

  • Republican committee, PAC, or organization
  • With the exception of primaries, a committee that has been set up solely to oppose one specific Democrat
  • Any candidate-focused PAC or organization that spends against the Democratic nominee in a partisan general election
  • Any entity or campaign committee that is directly influencing a non-U.S. or U.S. territory election
  • Any organization that presents itself as another entity, or otherwise uses the name of a candidate inappropriately 
  • Any entity that cannot provide sufficient evidence of ongoing efforts to achieve its stated mission or shifts away from the mission that was stated at the time of its onboarding to a practice impermissible for using ActBlue

3. AB Charities: 501(C)(3) Organizations

All 501(c)(3) organizations are listed at the discretion of AB Charities. AB Charities is open to 501(c)(3) organizations that meet both of the following criteria:

  • Engaged in grassroots fundraising
  • Their work is not at odds with values including, but not limited to, social equality; women’s rights; LGBTQIA2S+ rights; racial justice; diversity; freedom of speech; disability rights; and respect for scientific inquiry, discovery, and data

4. Compliance and Fiscal Sponsorship Issues

ActBlue requires committees and organizations to be registered with applicable regulatory bodies and make every effort to remain in good standing with said agencies, including filing financial disclosures as required.

5. Misuse of Office or Criminal Charges

If candidates or organizations have been said to recently or repeatedly engage in criminal activity, we will gather the necessary information to make a decision case-by-case.

6. Improper Use of ActBlue Name and Technology

Entities that meet any of the following criteria are impermissible. There may be additional criteria that render entities impermissible:

  • An organization or candidate that uses the name “ActBlue” inappropriately, or in a disparaging manner, to raise money or in communication with their supporters, including:
    • Imitating communication from ActBlue and/or pretending to speak on behalf of ActBlue
    • Undermining ActBlue’s credibility by implying a security or technical problem with the platform
    • Violating public-facing guidelines
  • An organization or candidate that uses our tools to commit fraud
  • An entity or individual that is out of compliance with acceptable use of ActBlue’s tools, including but not limited to ActBlue’s pre-set recurring form policy and ActBlue Express Lane tools
  • An entity or individual that breaches ActBlue security
  • An entity that uses illegal, threatening, or defamatory content or content otherwise injurious to third parties

7. International Work

Organizations also doing international work will need to adhere to the full policy and additional parameters below in order to use the ActBlue site and tools. 

  • Organization must have its own U.S. EIN (not operating via a fiscal sponsor)
  • Organization must be headquartered (and have a mailing address) within the United States or its territories
  • Organization cannot fundraise directly for foreign elections, government, military, or on behalf of international political parties or organizations

8. Anti-Harassment Policy

ActBlue deeply values taking care of and creating a safe, inclusive workplace for employees. ActBlue expects all entities that utilize its site and tools to treat employees with dignity, decency, and respect. Interactions between entity representatives and ActBlue employees must be absent of intimidation, oppression, and exploitation. ActBlue will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or repeated abusive behavior of any kind. 

*Entities= candidate and issue campaigns, committees, 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), and other permissible organizations.

If you would like to report a possible violation of the Account Use Policy, please send an email to