How can I report unwanted communications from campaigns or organizations or a potential violation of ActBlue’s terms and policies?

ActBlue provides a platform for Democratic campaigns, progressive organizations, and nonprofits to process donations online and build people-powered movements. We do not send emails, texts, or other communications on behalf of these groups. When you donate using our platform, we do not sell your contact information or share it with third parties, except the group you donated to, or in certain circumstances, such as at your direction or when required by law. Review our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we collect and use personal information.

We always want to ensure donors have a positive experience using our platform. If you believe that someone on our platform is violating our Terms (including our Account Use Policy) or engaging in misleading or objectionable behavior, please reach out by following the steps below. We will address the situation with the campaign or organization if necessary.

We also highly recommend that you reach out to the campaign or organization directly to share your feedback. Hearing directly from supporters like you is vital to campaigns and organizations as they set their strategy. You can typically find contact information for a given campaign or organization on their website, or in the footer of their email communications. We are also happy to provide contact information.

Please email with the subject line “Reporting Possible Violation.” In the email, please include these items for our review:

  • The name of the campaign or organization that you believe is in violation or sent you the message (ActBlue does not send messages or fundraising solicitations on behalf of any campaign or organization);
  • A description of what happened and why you believe the campaign or organization is violating our Terms or Account Use Policy or otherwise needs to be reviewed;
  • A copy of the message you received from the group, if applicable (email, ad, text message, etc.); and
  • A link to the ActBlue-hosted contribution form that the campaign or organization sent you, if applicable.

To unsubscribe from emails, go to the bottom of the email you received and click “unsubscribe.” For text messages, reply “STOP” to the message to unsubscribe.