Reconciliation Guide

All the information you need to reconcile your Vantiv Worldpay deposits and report your donation activity can be found either in the “Reporting” tab of your Dashboard or through the resources provided here. If you’re having trouble with a specific issue, please see the “Common Reconciliation Questions” support article.

ActBlue Reporting Center

The ActBlue data for your merchant account (including the fees charged by ActBlue) can be found in your Dashboard. In the “Reporting” tab of your ActBlue Dashboard, expand the “Monthly summary” dropdown to find a list of each month that your ActBlue account has been active, along with the number of contributions, number of refunds, and gross amount of donations.

For more information, click on the “Details” link that corresponds to the month in question.

Keep in mind that the “Fees” amount on this page reflects only the ActBlue Service Fee. For example, in the image above $25.98 was billed to the committee’s bank account for their contributions through ActBlue in December. The fees assessed by Vantiv Worldpay are reflected on a separate report, not on your ActBlue Dashboard.

Vantiv Worldpay Reconciliation Activity Report (available in both PDF and EXCEL Format)

To access the Vantiv Worldpay processing fees and other reconciliation information provided by Vantiv Worldpay, use the Report Request Form to request customizable reconciliation activity, settlement, and fee reports. See below for an example of a reconciliation activity report: 

For reconciliation purposes, the most important columns to note are the Net Settled Sales (gross donation amount), the Total Fees (total amount of Vantiv Worldpay processing fees), and the Net Settlement (net amount deposited to your bank account) columns.

The image below shows an example of the same report in Excel (spreadsheet) format: 

Vantiv Worldpay Fee Report (available in PDF and .CSV spreadsheet format)

The Fee Report will show a more itemized breakdown of the individual fees that have been assessed via your merchant account. Most committees will not need a Fee Report in order to reconcile their bank account, because in any given month, the aggregate fee amounts shown on the Fee Report will match the amounts on the corresponding Reconciliation Activity Report exactly. However, some committees may need to submit Fee Reports as part of their campaign finance disclosure.

There are two main sections to each Fee Report:

Vantiv Worldpay Fees by Category — This section will show an itemized breakdown of the fees that are assessed by Vantiv Worldpay, including Authorization Fees, Processing Fees, and ACH Transfer fees.

Passthrough Fees by Category — This section will show an itemized breakdown of the fees that are assessed by each of the different credit card providers that were used to donate to your account.

Requesting Vantiv Worldpay Reports

You can find all the information you need to request a Vantiv Worldpay report on our Report Request Form. We can provide reports showing all donation activity and processing fees, as well as settlement reports and merchant account statements, for any given date range. Use the prompts to select the report type that will be most helpful for your situation, and feel free to leave any relevant notes as well. Please keep in mind that the activity data for any given day will not be available until that day’s activity has settled, which means that if you’re in need of reports that go right up to the present, it may take a couple of business days for us to email them.

Know you’ll need a future report for a specific timeframe? If so, please feel free to reach out in advance so we can make sure to send along your reports as soon as they’re available!

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