I want to donate directly to a candidate/organization. Can I use ActBlue to do that?

Yes, when you donate to your favorite group through ActBlue, the money goes directly to that group! ActBlue builds the platform that campaigns and organizations use to create contribution forms and fundraise online. In most cases, these groups link their ActBlue contribution form directly on their website!

As a nonprofit organization, our mission is to empower small-dollar donors by making it really easy for groups to raise grassroots donations online, so we take care of building the tools, processing contributions, and sending all of those contributions straight to the groups (including sending overnight checks or money wires when needed, for no charge!). This means campaigns and organizations can spend less time depositing individual checks mailed in from lots of donors.

We pass along a 3.95% processing fee on contributions to the groups using our platform. We’re legally required to pass along processing costs so that we do not make in-kind contributions to the groups.

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