How do I find the candidates and organizations I want to donate to on your site?

Just search our directory to see all of the different groups you can donate to through ActBlue!  You can use the links in the box to filter results by type of group or fund, election, and state.

If you have a specific group in mind, type the name of the candidate, committee, or organization you want to fundraise for in the search box.

If you select a group from the dropdown, you’ll be brought straight to one of their contribution forms where you can give right away.

If you click the magnifying glass instead of picking a group from the dropdown, you’ll see the groups that match your search. Just click the green “Contribute” button for the group you want to support, and you’ll be brought to a contribution form where you can donate!

If you want to give to a campaign, make sure you verify the race to the left of the campaign’s name before going to the contribution form (thousands of campaigns use our platform).

You can also access our directory from our homepage (

It is also easy to donate to your favorite groups once you are logged in to your ActBlue Express account! To learn more about giving again through your ActBlue Express account, click this link.

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