Where does my money go when I donate?

It goes directly to the candidate or cause you specify when you give. Campaigns and organizations use our fundraising software to enable you to make your contribution. We act as the conduit for your contribution, passing the donation on. The cost of processing the contribution (mostly credit card fees), comes out of your contribution. We are legally required to charge that fee.

As a nonprofit, we use tips from donors to pay our bills. We don’t profit from the contributions we process. You can add a tip on the contribution form when you enter your credit card information.

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How do I know your site is secure?

ActBlue is PCI compliant, which means that we’ve passed rigorous security tests to ensure that all donor credit cards are fully protected. We’re required to conduct quarterly security tests…

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Why is ActBlue a nonprofit?

We’re a nonprofit for a few different reasons! First, we are a mission-driven organization. We care about helping Democrats and progressives build winning campaigns fueled by small-dollar donors, so…

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How do I view my contribution history?

If you are an ActBlue Express User, you can view your entire contribution history by logging into your ActBlue account at https://secure.actblue.com/login. You’ll see a button labeled “Contribution history”…

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How is ActBlue funded?

We’re a nonprofit organization, so we rely on tips on the contributions we process as well as our own fundraising campaigns to bring in income. The low fees charged…