Creating Default Settings

Defaults allow you to keep your settings consistent across all of your contribution forms and save you lots of time and effort in the future! We’ve made it easy to take advantage of defaults on ActBlue, with default contribution forms, brandings, and social share settings.

You’ll find your team’s default form at the top of your contribution form list in the “Contribution Forms” tab of your Dashboard. We provide every group using ActBlue with a default contribution form automatically.


To use your default form, just open it up and apply all the settings you want to use, like preset contribution amounts.

Once you’ve made all your edits to the default form and published them, you can then duplicate the form to quickly and easily make new forms with the same settings!


It’s also easy to create a default branding and default social share settings for your campaign or organization! Once you set a default branding or default social share, all brand-new forms you create will automatically have the default applied, except for new duplicates of forms with different settings. 

For the best of both worlds, create your default branding and social share settings on your default contribution form! Then all of your favorite settings will be in one easy-to-duplicate place. (But it’s okay if you don’t do everything at the same time — you can apply your default branding and default social share to your default form at any time.) To learn the ins and outs of default brandings, click here. To learn about default social share settings, click here!

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