How do I earn a donor badge?

As of September 21, 2021, the donor badge start date, there are twelve donor badges you can earn with an ActBlue Express account! Each badge is earned by completing a different action: 

  • Grassroots Giver – Create an ActBlue Express account
  • Committed Contributor –  Add payment information to ActBlue Express account
  • Cause Champion – Donate to a 501(C)(3) nonprofit 
  • Awesome Advocate – Donate to a 501(C)(4) nonprofit
  • State Supporter – Donate to a state candidate
  • Local Leader – Donate to a local candidate
  • National Changemaker – Donate to a federal candidate 
  • Sustaining Supporter – Make a recurring donation 
  • Team Tandem – Donate on a Tandem form 
  • Community Fundraiser – Create a community form
  • Movement Builder- Get at least five people to contribute on a community form
  • Early Energizer – Donate to a political candidate at least 12 months before Election Day 2022 (11/8/22)

Every pre-existing ActBlue Express user will start out with the Grassroots Giver badge when the badges launch on September 21, 2021. If you also saved your payment information to your account before the badges launched, you will also receive the Committed Contributor badge. All other badges will be awarded moving forward from September 21, 2021.

All badges can be found in your ActBlue Express account. Unearned badges will be grayed out until they are earned. Once a new badge is earned, it will appear in full color in your account.

After you take an action that earns you a badge, you will see an alert on the page asking you to claim your badge. View your badges by clicking the “Claim your badges” link. If you are not already logged into your ActBlue Express account, you will be directed to login to view your badges. 

Ready to donate and start earning badges? ActBlue Express users can easily find campaigns and organizations to give to using the search function in ActBlue Express accounts. After logging into your account at, the search bar will be located at the top left of your screen: 

You can also reach the search page by clicking the “Find a campaign or cause” link in your Account menu:

You can search for a specific candidate or organization by name or use our filters to search by state or territory, the office a candidate is running for, committee type, fund type (like nominee funds and draft funds), or nonprofit issue area.

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