Recurring Tools

We strongly recommend that you start a recurring fundraising program! Our recurring tools make it easy. There are multiple different pop-ups you can use to ask for recurring donations, as well as a static recurring pitch and a free gift option for recurring donors that you can add to your contribution form. 

To edit your recurring settings, head to the “Recurring settings” tab of your form editor.

You can find the different options for recurring pop-ups in the “Monthly recurring donations” dropdown menu. 

“Unlimited” is turned on by default – this pop-up will prompt donors who just gave a one-time contribution to also give a monthly donation of the same amount. This monthly contribution will occur for an unlimited duration until the donor cancels it.

The “Specified duration” pop-up will also prompt one-time donors to give a monthly donation that’s the same amount as the contribution they just gave, but it will also give donors the chance to set the number of months they would like their donation to recur. 

Both of these pop-up options will look similar to this: 

You can learn more about how to customize these two types of recurring pop-ups here!

We also have two Smart Recurring pop-ups that base the recurring ask amount on the donor’s one-time donation amount. The “Unlimited + Smart Suggestion” option will present one-time donors with a pop-up that prompts them to commit to a smaller monthly contribution compared to the donation they just gave. 

Finally, clicking “Unlimited + Smart Options” will present one-time donors with a pop-up that suggests multiple lower monthly donation amounts and gives donors the option to set their own amount. 

You can learn more about Smart Recurring and how to customize these types of pop-ups here

Regardless of the recurring pop-up you use, your one-time donations will always process first,  and you won’t lose your one-time donation if a donor chooses to opt out of a monthly contribution! You can also customize the title and ask message for any type of recurring pop-up.

Your campaign or organization will be able to see who made a recurring contribution in the detailed contribution list and CSV file of all contributions for each contribution form. You can find these tools by clicking the "Stats" button in the form navigation bar (form navbar) when previewing your form. 

On your form's Statistics page, click the "Additional tools" dropdown to find the list of detailed contributions or download a CSV of all contributions.

You can also see who made a recurring donation by searching for a specific contribution in the Contributions Search tab in your Dashboard toolbar.

You’ll see a note that the contribution will recur each month, along with the one-time contribution amount.

In addition to our pop-up recurring tools, we give you the ability to write a custom, static recurring pitch to highlight the recurring option on your contribution forms! You can learn more about this tool here

We also give you the option to offer a free gift to supporters who sign up for a recurring donation on your form or via the recurring pop-up, as an added incentive to support you for the long term!

This is what a recurring incentive looks like on a form:

And this is what a recurring incentive looks like in a pop-up:

You can learn more about the recurring incentive tool here!

Interested in learning more about how to use these tools to start a recurring program or grow your existing one? Read our guide here.

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